Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We're dorks

So Ella graduated to facing forward in her car seat today! I've been thinking about doing it for a while now since she's over 23 pounds and only has 1 month till she's a year. Yes, I know, scary! We went to drop the dogs off at the groomers and I ran into AC Moore to get mom 3 reindeer for the front yard and Ella had a fit in the car. My dad tried to console her and she got even more mad. So when we got home I faced it forward. As you can tell, she loved it! We met Morgan at the new light rail to go uptown to see the singing bears at Founders Hall.
The babies were great on the train! They didn't fuss at all. It made my stomach jump each time it took off, I know, I'm getting old. But it was very clean and efficient. We got off the light rail and the elevator going the way we needed to go wasn't working. So, we walked through the bus terminal and got very lost. If it had been working, all we had to do was walk straight and we would have been there! We walked around uptown, asked for directions and made it to Founders Hall. Well, the website we got the info on the bears didn't tell us the bears only sang at certain times. We made it there at 3 and they didn't sing again until 5!

But Ella loved the bears anyways and she didn't know they were supposed to sing! If you look closely, the brown bear is named Ella!
She waved hi to them and thought they were cute.Ari is such a cutie! So, we went to look for some lunch and got lost again. I don't know how many elevators we took! It was 48 degrees outside and I can't believe how well behaved the babies were since yesterday they both were fussy all day. We went to Overstreet mall and got some sandwiches and headed back to the light rail. So, we spent 2 1/2 hours just walking around for nothing! But it was a fun adventure and we'll have to do it again when it's a bit warmer outside. Ella passed out as soon as we got into the car.

She was beat! We went to pick up the dogs and got my dad. We then went to Walmart and got some movies! I got the new Simpson's movie and Halloween thanks to dad. So it was a adventurous day to say the least. It was fun hanging out with Morgan as always. I can't believe Ella is going to be 11 mo. tomorrow! She's not my little baby anymore!


  1. Ari passed out too, after I dragged him to babies'r'us and Michaels... remind me not to go there anymore! It was a really fun day, going to make a pretty awesome scrap layout. See you tomorrow!