Sunday, December 16, 2007

No paint

We didn't end up painting my room this weekend, hopefully next weekend. I'll send pics once we do! Mom had other projects to do and she wants to help. We went to our Gymboree holiday party today. It wasn't all that great, but the kids had fun. It was basically like our class, with a really loud teacher! As soon as we walked in she said Ella looked like Suri again. Morgan was there to back me up! Thank you!!! I was very good and didn't chew her head off.
Ari and Ella got to play together. We came back to our house and they were too funny! Ari kept shaking his head no and Ella thought it was hysterical. I've read babies their age aren't supposed to really interact together, but Ella and Ari prove them wrong. We then ran to Michael's, but they were out of most of their Christmas stuff.
So Ella is saying a new word or words. It's either sit, see it or shit. We can't tell, but it definitely has made me watch my mouth today! Those who know me, know I have a mouth like a sailor. So, it's going to be a challenge to watch what I say. And I hope she is saying see it rather than shit. Because we do say see it a lot! Other than that we've just been helping mom with her stuff over the weekend. Tomorrow I have some little things to take care of and hopefully we are going to Morgan's to scrap some. If not, we are getting together Tues. to go see the bears at Founders Hall and maybe get some scrapping done afterwards. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. TeeHee, you were very good today not biting her head off, I wanted to though too! I'm so glad you're over at Crop Addict, we're gonna have so much fun!

    Call me when you get up and movin, Ari and I are just gonna hang here all day... you're welcome anytime (just be warned my house is a DISASTER!)