Friday, December 14, 2007

Please stop calling my daughter Suri

If one more person says Ella looks like Suri Cruise I'm going to flip out! We went to a music class today and when we walked in the teacher said, "Hello Suri." Then all the moms started talking and saying how much she looks like Suri and how I need to get her Burberry clothes. I've gotten this like 3 times this week. It's getting old! I think Suri isn't that cute, so it's basically an insult to me. It used to be ethnic people who would say this, now it's everyone. My child looks like Ella, not a celebrities child!!! Well, we've had a very busy day. We went to music class then went to the bank and to Starbucks. We came home to meet the alarm guy to fix the problems we've been having. I got some scrapping in! Ella was so good. She played with her toys and we said the alphabet together. She got to J and gave up. Which is pretty impressive. Granted I had to say the letters like 20 times before she would say them back or their sounds. We then met Amy and Elijah at the park. We played for about an hour then came to pick up mom. We then ran to Hobby Lobby and Hops for dinner. Ella didn't like her zucchini and squash. And they touched her burger, so she didn't eat that either. She made the funniest faces when eating. On our car ride home she said her first sentence. She said, "I see lights!" She is such the talker. Especially around my mom. She gets quiet around other people, but sometimes opens up and lets everyone hear her vocab. But she won't show off, which surprises me. Well, I've got to get her to bed. She is so hyper from her day. Still haven't heard any news about my granddad. Hopefully I'll hear something soon!


  1. I'm still laughing about what you told me on the phone... hehe! See you tomorrow!