Thursday, December 13, 2007

Easy day

We got the playroom done today! All my scrap stuff is put up and ready to be played with. I would have played tonight, but I didn't realize I needed a light to go in the corner for night time. We slept in until 12 today! Ella had a bottle at 9 and we went back to sleep. I haven't slept that long in over a year! It was so nice. Rachael came over for a bit. Then we ordered pizza which was yummy! Ella thought so too! She loved the olives and mushrooms. Then Melanie came over and we swapped Christmas presents. She made me a wonderful collage! I finally have one now!! I have to say it is so nice to have all my rooms unpacked and clean. With so much space it's easy to keep it clean. Last night Ella woke up when we went upstairs and stayed awake for an hour. She was too funny. She saw Outie and screamed, "Hey kitty!" He got so scared he ran out of the room. She then started barking like a dog at him when he came back. She still is saying "ho ho ho" and all sorts of new things. She tried to say turtle last night, but got out "tu." Tonight I finally heard her say, "meow." My mom got her doing it the other night, but I didn't hear it. She also said "ball" and "bubble" last night. She finally started blowing kisses. We've been working on that a while now. She sticks her tongue out when she does it. She sticks her tongue out when she gives me kisses. It's too cute. Well, I'm going to bed. i just found out they are doing eye surgery on my granddad tomorrow. They don't have to put him to sleep and he gets to go home tomorrow night. So it should be an easy surgery. Everyone keep him in your prayers!

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