Wednesday, December 19, 2007

11 months today!

So we've had a busy day. We went to Gymboree this morning and it was fun as always. They raised the air log so the babies could walk up it and Ella bounced/jumped her way up. It was too funny. Ella thought so too as she laughed and squealed her way up. She was very proud. After class we were on our way home and mom called to say she had my Papa's Christmas money to get Ella some new shoes. So, we met her then went to South Park. We met Morgan, Ari, Alice and Charlie there. We had some lunch and went shopping. Ella clapped for the first time while we were eating! I was so excited! We've been working on that for 5 months. We got to Stride Rite and Ella is a size 5 now! I guess she's going to have my big feet! She got 2 pairs of Mary Janes. One black and one pink. We went to Gymboree and Angela, the evil girl who used to work for me and turned on me, was working. She got beat red when I walked in and ran to the back. I didn't say anything to her. I'm not fake and wasn't going to make small talk. If I had said something it wouldn't have been nice. She came out and I just acted like she wasn't there. We then went to Pottery Barn where a sales lady said Ella looked like Suri again. Then she had to ask her coworker if she thought she looked like Suri. Morgan and I were like NO! She looks like Ella. Thanks again for having my back twice this week. I just gripped the stroller and tried to keep walking. I wanted to burst, but again, I restrained myself. We left the mall and came home for our 11 mo. photo shoot. When we started, the flash was bright and she kept squinting her eyes and making a funny sound.
She stood the whole time! I guess the shoes help her not scrunch her toes. She took one baby step and I thought she would start walking. I tried to get her to do it again, but she got mad at me. She lifted her foot one other time, but that was it. I give it another week or 2. She really wants to be like the other babies in our class. She studies them and what they are doing. Mom keeps saying I don't want her to walk yet, but I do! My back is killing me again. I think it's carrying her up and down the stairs all the time. She's been crawling for 2 months now and she doesn't really get into anything. Maybe it'll be different when she walks, but I'm ready for her to have that independence. Well, I'm going to upload her pics to shutterfly. Hope everyone had a great day! Oh, I ordered her b-day party supplies tonight! I'm so excited! It's a cupcake theme. I know I went overboard, but it makes me happy!

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