Thursday, December 6, 2007


So last night Ella was in mom's living room playing on the floor, she pulled herself up on mom's entertainment center and jumped up and down. Well, she lost her balance and hit her head on the corner. It wasn't the first or last time this will happen, but I was so upset cause we were going to see Santa today. I put ice on it for 30 min. and watched her carefully. She was fine and fell asleep an hour later. The dogs were protecting her on the couch as I played on the internet. We woke up at almost 9 this morning and you could barely see where she fell. So we met Morgan, Matt, her brother and Ari at South Park to have their pictures done with Santa. She didn't cry at all! The Santa sucked and didn't smile. Which I can understand if he had been sitting there all day, but he just got off of his break and it was only 1:45. It was totally over priced and I feel sort of ripped off. But, at least she smiled. We walked the mall for 3 hours and I didn't buy anything! I was proud, but also broke. Right before we got to the mall a part of the Nordstrom parking deck collapsed and a lady was killed. She jumped the curb and hit a wall. Only 3 other cars were damaged. I never park in garages for that simple reason. They are scary! Melanie is coming over to see the house tonight. Other than that we are taking it easy. Hope everyone had a great day!


  1. Matt's santa pics are great, I'll email you pronto. Her poor face, at least it's gone now!

    I was proud of you today, you did better than I did that's for sure! I need to go back though, maybe whatever day we don't go to Founder's Hall.