Monday, December 3, 2007

Never ending boxes!

I don't even know where to begin. It's been such a busy week! We moved Friday and it took so much longer than we expected. We didn't finish until 7:30 and we started at 10! Woody, Judi and a guy who works for them, Orlando, came to take the small stuff while the movers took the big stuff. I don't know what we would have done without them. The movers SUCKED!! I could tell they really didn't want to be there and it was a BIG inconvenience for them to move my stuff. They left so much behind it's not even funny. Then we had issues moving my fridge into our new home. It wasn't going to fit through the doorway, so mom told them to remove the molding to make it fit. Two hours later they finally listened. They scratched the fridge all to hell. I'm pissed!!! Those who don't know about the fridge, mom and I spent 2 FULL days searching for the perfect one last year. So we had to bring it with us. And now it's scratched and dented, they suck!

Ella was wonderful! She didn't fuss at all. Her and Judi had lots of fun playing. I hurt so bad Sat. I could barely move. The movers left half my stuff in the garage, so mom and I had to move stuff in. I didn't realize they left Q-bert out there and I'm so glad I found him before he died from being cold! Sat. we went to Le Peep for breakfast, which was pretty good. Not Eddies, but it will do. Then we ran to Walmart, the grocery store then we got our tree! Or I should say trees. Mom got one for her living room and I got one for mine.I was so beat I didn't even put it up when we got home. I cooked dinner and passed out on the couch. Sunday I had to work all day in Morganton taking basketball portraits. It was easy. When I got home, mom had put all the lights on my tree! Rachael and Steve were over and mom was cooking dinner. They had to come over for her famous mac n cheese. Our neighbor had brought brownies over for us and an invite to her Hanukkah party on Sat. I was reading the invite and realized I knew her daughter, Amy. We were good friends when I worked at Picture People and lost touch when I left. I called a mutual friend and got her number and told her to go outside, that I was her new neighbor. She came over and hung out a while and we caught up. She is the mom of the 22 mo. old I told you about in an earlier post. I never met her husband, so it didn't click. And I hadn't seen her son in a year, so I didn't recognize him when I saw him! It's so awesome she lives next door! After she left Rachael and Steve helped me decorate the tree. This picture doesn't do it justice! And the horrible wallpaper doesn't help! My favorite ornament

Yesterday I had a bad tummy ache, so I laid on the couch the whole day. We finally got our internet and cable today!!! Long story about the cable, we were supposed to have everything on Friday installed. I had to call the big guy at Dish Network to get it done today. They have the worst customer service! It's always something. Ella has been amazing this week. She has been talking up a storm. She now says, light, look, hat, and yuck. Mom got her saying ho ho ho Sunday, but she really hasn't done it since. She loves the tree and keeps pointing to it saying "lights." Outie is happy he's the only cat around the house. The other 3 are locked in the storage room. Outie has been Ella's best friend. He sleeps next to her or watches over her when she's napping. He doesn't mind her pulling on his ears and rubs his face against her hands. It's sweet. We met Morgan, Matt and Ari for lunch at Chick fil A and then ran to Babies R Us for some baby food. We got home and E's been asleep for 2 hours! Well, I hope everyone has had a great weekend! Talk to you soon!


  1. Love the new blog header! Your tree is gorgeous, I can't wait to see it in person! I had fun today, we have to do it again... how about tomorrow? Hehe, we will see you in class!!