Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thank goodness for Baby Einstein

Ella has LOVED watching Baby Einstein all day. Well, not all day, but for an hour and a half. She loves the Santa and Animal videos. I got to take a shower and dry my hair without her screaming, so it was a plus! We went to our Gymboree class today. It was Ella's first time in level 3. She had fun, but I didn't. I didn't mesh well with the other moms. They were kinda snotty and not people I'd hang out with. In the 9 months we've been going I've always been the only single mom, which has been fine with me. But today, it made me feel wrong. There were 4 dads there with their wives and the other moms were talking about their husbands. I felt out of place and like I had done something wrong by not being married. Maybe it's my own insecurities and how this isn't how I pictured my life, but I didn't like it. So, I'm going to try another class next week. Hopefully that one will be better and there will be more babies Ella's age. Ella was the youngest and all the other babies were walking and over 1. But, she was the 2nd largest of all the babies. And the most talkative. She had fun playing on the equipment and pushing this big log thing. She actually walked and pushed it which was pretty cool. I want to get her one of those push toys, but I'll have to wait till I can get some money. And by that time she'll prob. be walking! Well, mom moves her stuff tomorrow and will be here sometime. Mel and I are going to have a few drinks tonight to celebrate the year and a half we've lived together. I'm going to miss seeing her everyday! Well, everyone have a good night!


  1. Never doubt yourself, you are an INCREDIBLE mother. I don't like that class either, they make me feel like I'm less than them. You've done absolutely NOTHING wrong, I'll go to another class with you next week!! I miss you guys, hopefully I can kick this cold and we can hang out! ((hugs))