Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's almost Christmas!

Yesterday we met Morgan, Matt and Ari for brunch at Eddie's. My FAVORITE breakfast spot! They have the best french toast in the world! And trust me, every place I've ever visited I've tried the french toast. And nothing beats theirs. As we were waiting for them to get there, I gave Ella a crayon and she actually colored on her Christmas tree! She didn't try to eat the crayon until they got there. She did a great job for an 11 mo old!! Ella ate pancakes, which she loves. We then went to the bookstore. Ella got one more Christmas book called, "Snowflake Princess." It's a great touch book that talks about being kind to others. After we left the bookstore, we went to drop off my dad's vacuum. A guy didn't even offer to hold the door as I was trying to open it with Ella in one arm and the vacuum in the other. Then as I was walking out a lady was walking in and I held the door for her so it wouldn't hit her in the face and she said nothing! I hate people this time of year! They are SOO rude! Traffic has been horrible as if it already wasn't bad enough. I went downtown for a photo shoot. This was taken from the guy's condo. Go to my website: to see more. Click on Skelton. It was beautiful. After that shoot I had another one to go to. My friend Brandon is starting a catering business. He wanted some pics of a party his mom was having and he catered. Rachael went with me and we stayed pretty late. We had a lot of fun! I might have gotten some other jobs from the party, so keep your fingers crossed! I woke up with the worst headache I've had in years. No, I wasn't hung over! I could barely see it hurt so bad. I had mom take Ella and she brought her back to bed an hour later. We slept until 10 and I took some Tylenol. It helped some, but took a while till it was completely gone. We then went to the nail place and I got a pedicure! My feet needed it so badly! The ladies were so happy to see Ella. They all know and love her there. Other than that, we've taken it pretty easy today. I updated some of Ella's baby books and year calendar. I was reading the calendar and saw that it's been 8 months to the day that Perry's seen Ella. It made me kinda sad. I mean it is his loss, but I don't see how he could stand not being in her life. If he really tried, and I mean tried cause I wouldn't make it easy, I'd let him in her life. But he'd have a lot of proving to do before I'd let him. And the sad thing is that he's never tried. And he prob. never will since he didn't want her in the first place. Like I said, his loss. Maybe it's the holidays which has me thinking about him and not being in her life. Part of me wants to invite him to Christmas, but the other part says no, he doesn't deserve it. He hasn't even called in 6 months to see how she is. I'm sure his parents tell him, but it's not the same. Well, I'm done ranting. I've got a lot to do tomorrow. Ben is getting into town!!! I'm so happy about that. Rachael is coming over to bake gingerbread men and some other people might come later. And I think Angela and Aiden are going to Amy's and Aiden might be staying here while Angela takes pictures. But that is up in the air. Hopefully they will so Ella can see her boyfriend! :)


  1. Sorry that Perry's got ya down. It's probably better that Ella doesn't know him though (coming from the daughter of a very disfunctional parent). You're sparing her a lot of heartache! Have fun baking, I've got a ton to do today before we come over tomorrow! Oh, and I got you a new client too, you'll meet them at Ari's party Friday! Hugs!!!