Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's over!

It has been such a busy week! Ella has gone potty in the big girl potty 3 times this week! So we got her a mini potty which she has used once. My goal is to have her potty trained by 18 mo. When I taught day care I saw it done many times. Carol came down Christmas eve to spend the holiday with us. She brought way too many goodies! She was a saint to help my mom out as much as she did. Christmas eve we drank champagne and Ella opened 4 gifts. She got some clothes from Carol and her Christmas pj's and "Twas the Night Before Christmas." Matt called me after Ella had gone to bed and that was a total mind trip. We talked for an hour about what has been going on. There was some I miss you's thrown in there. He is going through the NA steps and going through what he did to people. I'm glad he's finally getting better, but it broke my heart to talk to him. He was/is my soulmate and it hurts like hell that he's not in my life. So all day Christmas I was thinking about him and our conversation. Christmas morning we woke up and saw the presents Santa left. Ella was very happy with her new toys. We opened our other gifts and we got a lot! My grandmother gave Ella a bracelet that she has given all her children and granddaughters. That was really special. Carol gave Ella a soccer ball which she immediately kicked. So Gymboree really has paid off! She also got her a tot tower that I really wanted. Today I found out it was recalled :( The plastic coating has come off on several. After that Ella took a short nap and Mikey came over. Woody and Judi were the next to show up. Then Morgan and Ari and Denis and Teresa followed. Rachael and Steve showed up shortly after and mom's friend Lisa. Rachael had just given Ella her presents and Lisa came downstairs, picked Ella up and walked off with her. It took everything in me not to snap and tell her off! Then my dad, Shannon, Janet, Memaw and Papaw got here. So it was a house full! We had a wonderful time and the babies were awesome! We ate lunch and then opened presents. These are most of her gifts! The princess chair is adorable! She loves sitting on it. I can't wait to do her 1 year pics in it! After everyone left we went to mom's friend Yvonne's house. Ella lasted an hour and was ready to leave. She got called Suri (and a boy!) again and I got pissed. So I was glad she was ready. Yesterday we met Carol, Corey, Carol's sister-in law and mom for lunch at 5 Guys. Where Ella was called Suri once again. I semi-flipped that time and was like NO she doesn't and I really hate when people say it, she looks like Ella not some celebrity! When will it end???? Ella and I then went to Barnes N Nobles to get a few books with a gift card Trey, her uncle, gave her. We got a kitty book which she adores, a shapes book, animal alphabet flashcards and mini alphabet books. Later in the night mom babysat Ella and I went to my friend Ben's house to hang out with some old friends. Rachael was too tired to come out. So her and Dave are the only 2 missing. This is the old gang. It was a blast! I wish we did that more often and not just once a year. Time got carried away and mom called at 2 saying Ella woke up and was freaking out. So sadly, I had to leave. We slept in until 10 this morning. Ella's word of the day is NO. Which she is saying to everything in a cute way. She has given me more kisses than she has ever! I was laying down and she stood up over me, leaned down and kissed me all over my face like 20 times! She is a momma's girl. Today she pointed to her own nose! She pointed to my mom's nose then her own. Then I asked where are your lips and she blew kisses. I always tell her lips are meant for kissing. Well I have rambled way too much! Tomorrow is Ari's 1st birthday! I'm so excited!


  1. What a week, huh! You and Ella were so much fun to be around, thank you so much for having us be a part of your holiday! Thank your mom for me too, and I have something for her...