Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In Wilmington

My late sleeper is back!! 2 mornings in a row she's slept until 9! I hope it continues, I need the extra hour. We've been going non-stop all day. We woke up and after her bottle we went to the aquarium for an hour. We watched 2 divers in the big aquarium and they told us about all the fish and sharks. Ella's favorite today were the spiny box puffers. She kept pointing to them when they swam by and screamed when they left. We then went to meet my mom for lunch and to run by Big Lots and the fabric store. Both places didn't have what we wanted, so that stunk. Then we ran by the scrapbook store for the last time. I only got 2 stickers since I have NO money, but I had to go. Then we went to see Holly, Tom and Kyla. Ella loves Kyla and thinks she's very funny. We had a good visit and then had to go by the store to get pie crust. We got home and I cooked 2 pumpkin pies, sweet potato casserole, and sausage balls as she crawled around the kitchen floor. She's now screaming, so I'm going to have to cut this short. We are headed to Kinston in the morning for Thanksgiving. Hope everyone has a good turkey day and remembers what you are thankful for!

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