Sunday, November 25, 2007


We got home from Wilmington yesterday. It's been a long week! Ella wasn't happy in the car at all. She cried most of the way there and the last part of the way home. We went and took pics of Laura's family today and ran to Babies r us for some food. Other than that we've been taking it easy. Friday was extremely busy. We went and had our Christmas pics done. They turned out really cute. We ran a bunch of errands and had dinner at my favorite place Terrazos. I'm going to miss eating there! Well, I'm beat. Just wanted to let everyone know we are home. I've got a lot of packing to get done. 5 more days!!!


  1. We will be home tomorrow! You won my RAK, I'll have it ready for you tomorrow night! Hopefully we can see you two soon, although I'm sick and I think Ari may be too so we will wait til health returns!