Tuesday, October 30, 2007


So I've decided Ella can't be a cheerleader when she grows up. I know, that's awful to say, but after taking pictures at a cheerleading competition I realize I couldn't handle it! Woody and Judi came down to babysit Sunday while I did the shoot in Gastonia. Let me say it was hysterical to hear 10 kids cheering with an accent! The ages were 5-15. I don't understand why there were 5 year old's cheering/ shaking their booties. I'm just not cut out for stuff like that. A kid should be a kid, not trying to be an adult! That was the one mistake I made growing up, always wanting to grow up too fast and I won't let that happen to Ella. Or I'll try my best not to let it happen! The competition was worse than a pageant. The kids were crying when their team lost, the parents were out of control. It just wasn't for me and hopefully not for Ella when she gets older. Sat. we didn't do much other than take pictures which is becoming a hard task. She won't sit still! Sunday I started to get sick and I'm still not feeling so well. We slept most of the day yesterday and will try to do the same today. I've got to go find a cheap witch costume for myself. But other than that, the couch has my name on it! Hope everyone had a great weekend and is enjoying this cold weather!

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