Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Today reminds me of why it's so much fun to have a kid! We had so much fun it's a shame Ella won't remember it. She got dressed up for her Gymboree class. She was the cutest witch in the world! All of the kids in her class were in adorable costumes. I'm glad it was a warm day since her dress was sleeveless. After gym we went out to lunch with Rachael, Morgan & Ari, Alice & Charlie. The babies had fun and were too cute in their outfits. Charlie was a sock puppet and Ari was a pirate.I'm really glad I met them at our gym class. It's really nice to be around mom's that are going through almost the same thing. And they are genuinely sweet people to be around! Rachael and I then went and bought pumpkins to carve. FYI pumpkin selections on Halloween suck, but they are on sale. I got Ella a pumpkin to paint. She finger painted and got really messy! I would have taken pictures of her painting, but as soon as I walked away she wiped her face and smeared paint every where. Thank goodness it was nontoxic & washable. We then got ready to go trick-or-treating. Prissy & I dressed up as witches too. Which I'm so glad we did! Ella loved all of it. Most of the people let her pick her own candy and she kept grabbing for more. She has really good taste, so I will enjoy it this week. I know, I'm mean. But she did get a organic fruit juice sucker this afternoon. It was a bit sour to me, but she really liked it. After we tick-or-treated an hour we went back to my dad's to give out candy. But there was only 1 group that came by. There weren't as many kids in the neighborhood as there used to be. We then stopped by Cissy & Dustin's to say hi and headed home. After cleaning up and getting a bottle, Ella passed out with no fight. I uploaded all my pictures and put some pumpkin seeds in the oven. So it has been a great eventful day! Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


  1. Oh my gosh, the pictures turned out great! We had fun yesterday too, she really does have good taste in candy! Hope to see you today, M