Saturday, October 27, 2007


Yesterday was a long day. We went to my physical therapy appointment and afterwards picked up my dad for a manicure/pedicure. Ella loves it there. All the ladies know her and adore her. After Ming does my nails she takes Ella and plays with her. I've been going there for over 10 years and it's nice when they know you by name and treat you so well. We then went to Walmart and my dad got Ella Cinderella, which she is watching now. I think she likes all the singing! After that we went out to dinner with my dad and his new girlfriend to Mickey and Mooch. Megan is very nice and close to his age! About time. Ella had her first kids meal. She ate chicken, peas and pasta. Then helped herself to Megan's carrot cake at the end. After that I took Ella to Rachael's so I could go see my friend Synthia who is in town from Denmark. We had a wonderful visit, which was WAY too short! Only 9 more months till she'll be back!! She came by Thurs. night to see Ella. And Ella couldn't get over her jewelry. When she left, Ella had a fit! I went to pick Ella up at 11:30 from Rachael's and she was still awake. She didn't fall asleep until 12! But she slept in this morning, so that was nice.
Outie finally ate!!! I was so worried about him. He seems to be doing much better and playing around.
If anyone was wondering where to get baby toys for Christmas that aren't made in China, I did some searching yesterday and found that FAO Schwartz and Land of Nod are 2 good toy stores online to order from. They both have independent testing labs that either meet or exceed all US safety standards, including those for lead paint. FAO purchases mostly through Europe. They have some really neat things, so check them out! We are going to take it easy today. I'm beat from yesterday! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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