Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Is Anyone Listening?

I sat down to write a rant about the recent flame retardant research study that focused on infant products and I started crying from being so overwhelmed. I think I’m at a point where the information is too much. There is so much toxic junk out there and the reality of it is that IF the Safe Chemical Act is passed this year, it will take YEARS for us to see the effects. (don't get me wrong, I want the act passed!!!) But there is so much bad stuff out there in circulation that our children will probably not see much benefit. Well, unless they pull/recall millions of products...

It really makes me sad that we can’t go outside without breathing mercury or other toxic fumes. It makes me mad to know that there are millions of babies right now inhaling poisonous fire retardants. Or they are chewing or eating something laced with phthalates and BPA. And don’t get me started on the simple things like little ones drinking sodas out of bottles, eating azo dyed candy, and copious amounts of sugar.

This isn’t how life is supposed to be lived. How did it get to the point that it is ok to sell such dangerous stuff? And why is it so hard to get parents to stand up and say no?

Our generation is lazy. 50 years ago there were huge protests, women burned bras, people spoke up. Why are we sitting here and letting big corporations poison us and our children?

How can you make a difference when it feels like no one is listening?


  1. People have to all decide to make a difference or it is just going to continue!

  2. Sadly I think you're preaching to the informed. I started joining your rant, but decided against it. I agree with you, thank you for putting it out there and trying to inform the public and others. Keep up the good work and don't despair.

  3. I was going to answer your question about standing up and saying no, but you did that quite well...Our generation is lazy and raising lazy little ones! (Well most of them)