Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Recipe Swap??

I've totally avoided Thanksgiving this year. Not that I'm not thankful for anything, but this year we're doing absolutely nothing. We aren't making the 5 hour drive to my grandmother's because she doesn't want to cook and wanted BBQ... sorry, can't do BBQ... EVER. We've had other offers to join other families, but I think we are just going to enjoy our little family and enjoy a stress free day. It's slipped my mind to do any posts about Turkey day, so I apologize. It just hit me that the big day is next week and I thought maybe a recipe swap would be fun??

Would you be interested in participating if I did do it? I would do a post on my 2 favorite Turkey Day recipes and everyone else can post in the comment box with their recipes. If you're interested tell me here, I'll post on Friday. :)


  1. Sounds like fun :)
    Sorry you'll be missing your family.

  2. We don't do turkey. We have a Thanksgiving Pizza. It is always yummy.
    Your "little" family is super important to you, we know this. Sorry you will not be around the rest of your family.
    Marj M.

  3. I'm with you Michelle!
    this year there's no guilt in choosing to stay home doing absolutely nothing :-)
    sit back and relax. I'm sure Ella will keep you busy enough!
    we can always exchange recipes now to use next year or whenever we are finally ready.