Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Can you tell I think it's hot? OMG! I just got home from a shoot in Mint Hill and I'm all sticky and yucky. Not fun at all. I'm going to hate it come August. I need to go buy a mini fan and some shorts. I own one pair since I haven't worn them in 3 years. And I'm going to need them, especially if it gets hotter than this! I don't know how people can work all day in this. Maybe I'm just a wuss.
We went to Gymboree this morning. Ella was walking around all drunk like. She fell a lot. But we had fun. We came home afterwards and had lunch then went down for a nap. I cleaned my scrap area and the second I was done, she woke up. Go figure. She was really fussy. So we tried to play and when that failed, I put in Baby Einstein. Mom got home and I headed off to work. Not much else to blog about. I did want to post my layouts from last night.


  1. Wow, like really wow!!! Love these, especially the Gymboree one! They look perfect to me!

  2. Love these too and i love the new pretty look of your blog ! That header is so cute !
    Have a great weekend !
    Jenn :)