Sunday, June 8, 2008


So mom left this morning for 2 weeks. I'm kind of sad. That's a long time! Ella still has an upset tummy and a horrible diaper rash. She's been cranky most of the day. I painted the stairway, well most of it. I can't reach the top border and don't want to paint the ceiling. Melanie came over and hung out a while. She's spending the night on Friday. I can't wait! Rachael said she would spend one night too. But I haven't talked to her since Friday when she blew me off to go see Sex in the City. Which I'm really bummed I haven't gone to see yet. I had 4 people who were dying to go and then no one wanted to go. So hopefully I can get a babysitter and go see it by myself. I've waited 4 years for it and if we hadn't gone to FL I would have gone opening night. I wouldn't dare take Ella for her to ruin it for me. Well, I'm going to go cook dinner. I'm so ready for Ella's tummy to be ok so I can cook for the both of us. I hate cooking separate meals.


  1. You know I'll help with E right!? All you have to do is say when and where. Let's do something tomorrow, give me a call...