Thursday, April 3, 2008


Ella slept in her crib again last night! I had to wake her up again to get her ready to go visit her grandparents. She looked at me and said, "passy," then grabbed her blanket. So we rocked a minute and cuddled and she went, "all done!" It was too funny. So we got to Laurel Hill at 12:30 and had a great lunch. I got early b-day present, and they did way too much! But I'm very thankful to have them in my life... as well as Ella's! After lunch we got to go see the puppies, all 43 of them! Ella liked the mommy dogs more than the puppies, but had a good time. I prob. enjoyed it more! I love puppies, just not dogs- well big dogs. So here are some super cute pics of the pups. My stomach has been torn up since we left, so I skipped dinner with Neil. :( Ella is asleep in her crib once again! I knew when she was ready I'd know.

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