Thursday, March 13, 2008

Outside in the sun

So we spent most of the day outside at Morgan's. It was beautiful! I had hoped to get some scrapping done, but we were enjoying the weather and watching the babies play. Ella skipped her nap and was quite pleasant. We went to get ice cream while Ari was napping and she fell asleep on the way back. But woke up as soon as we got back and started saying, "Ari." She got her very first ice cream cone. She didn't like it too much. But wore it well. Ella loved playing in the playhouse this time. She sat on the chairs and kicked back. They were covered in dirt by 6 pm, so we put them in the bath together. Then as we were dressing them, she pooped on Ari's floor. I guess his room is jinxed! Ari had a huge explosion a couple of weeks ago. Well, hope everyone had a great day!

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