Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I could give her away today

Any takers for Ella? I'm kidding, but its been one of those days. We went to Gymboree, which was fun. Ella fell as soon as we got there and had a big bump on her forehead. I put ice on it so it was gone by the afternoon. She took a nap as soon as we got home. I decided it was time to do her Easter pics. Talk about a PAIN in my rear. She wanted to fuss and run up the stairs. She looked so cute but was soooo evil. I gave up and decided to see what I got. My flash was acting screwy and most of the pics came out blue. So I had to edit everything.... ARGH... I called Morgan to vent and she gave me the happy news that I won 2 crop challenges on Cropaddict!!!!! YEA!!! I'm excited about that :) Well, dad said he wanted to get a pedicure and to meet him at his house at 4. So when I got there he didn't want to go, but gave me the money to go! So I got a pedi and didn't have to put up with him! :) So the day got better, but Ella stayed pretty grumpy. Mom is trying to put her to sleep right now. So I'm going to relax!

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