Wednesday, December 12, 2007


So Ella decided she was going to stand up by herself at gym class today. She stood for a good 2 min. and caught herself every time she was about to fall. We had a good class. There was a baby, Callie, who was 2 days older than Ella that we had fun with. Another baby, Ava, who is 14 mo. was walking and climbing around Ella inspiring her to move around. Ava crawled up this slope thing and Ella, who had been just sitting there for about 5 min. decided to follow her up. I think that's why she stood by herself, wanting to be like the big kids. She had fun pushing/walking with the log. She only fell once and we pushed it 4 times. She was VERY proud of herself. After class we went and ran a couple of errands. We then went to the mall to Yankee candle for mom. It was SO crowded! I was pissed because 3 ladies had to ask me where Ella's shoes were. I was like, umm, it's 80 degrees outside. Does she really need them? One lady was wearing an overcoat. I think she was the crazy one! We got home and decided to play outside in the leaves.We then came in and I tried to see if she would stand on her own. She decided to be difficult. I was laughing at her and she has started doing this fake imitation laugh. This is what it looks like:
I'll try and get a video of it because it is too funny! She finally decided to stand, but if you look at her feet you'll see they are scrunched up. Which she does when she's on carpet, so she loses her balance quickly. I guess the gym mat is firm and easier to stand on. Yesterday I unpacked my room and Ella's room! I'm doing the play room tomorrow so hopefully tomorrow night I can scrapbook! I'm dying to play! It's been over a month and I'm SO behind. Well, I hope everyone had a great day! I'll update some pics of the house this weekend!


  1. Yay Ella!!! So cute! Ari didn't wear shoes today either, we can be bad mommies together, hehe!

    Guess what, Ari started walking today! I tried to call you but it went to voice mail. Call me when you read this!