Monday, November 5, 2007


It has been a LONG weekend! Mom came down Friday night. Sat. we went house hunting and then to Laurel Hill to meet Judi's side of the family. They were wonderful and made us feel right at home. Ella and I are lucky to be a part of a great new family. Judi and Woody look at me as their daughter and I couldn't have asked for better people to "adopt" me. Or be Ella's grandparents! Mom and I got home around 6 and went on a house hunt again. Then Ella decided to scream from 8 to 12 a.m. She had a snotty nose and was so unhappy. Sunday we woke up and got breakfast at Eddie's then went to see 2 other houses. We fell in love with a house in Raintree. It is 2 stories, plus a basement. So I'll have my own living space. There is an unfinished room in the basement that the kitties will live in.The master is on the 1st floor and 4 other bedrooms are on the 2nd floor. Ella and I have adjoining rooms through a bathroom. my room

Ella's room

The other rooms will be a guest room and a playroom/scrapbook/sewing room.
As you can tell there are some major decorating changes that will need to be made! I can't wait to start! Next door there is a 20 mo. old little boy. He lives with his grandmom, dad and I think mom. Not sure if his mom is there though. I think there are 4 other 1 yr. olds on the same street. The neighborhood has a weekly mother's mornings out, a monthly book club, dining out group and a bunch of other social outings. Then there is the country club that has monthly events. And a pool, tennis court, golf course, playground, basketball court, gym and walking trails. So we will stay busy and fit! Well, after we looked at that house we saw another one in Ballantyne and it was trashy. It had so much potential, but too much work to do. So, mom decided to make an offer on the Raintree house and we got it!! I'm so excited! We move in the 30th of this month! So I have less than 25 days to pack. I'm scared! Today we laid around and caught up on some much needed rest. On top of her being sick, her front tooth just broke the skin. So she's been fussy. Well, hope everyone had a great weekend! Wish me luck on the packing with a mobile 9 mo old. This should be fun, she's in to everything now!


  1. The house is amazing!! Let me know when you need me to watch Ellers, I'll be there!