Saturday, November 17, 2007


Today was quite boring. We waited for the postlady to get here with Morgan's Christmas cards in hopes we'd make it out to give them to her before she goes out of town. She didn't come until 2:30, so Ella was quite bored and anxious to get out of the house. She's going to enjoy the new house so much more than here! I can't wait to have more space. Morgan was painting her family room when the mail finally got here, so we hung out with Jeremy, his sister Nikki and her son Jon. Jon is almost 2 and a cutie! We ended up going to the park which was fun for about 20 min. and then Ella got tired. She loved the swings this time! She was laughing and smiling the whole time. She wasn't too sure about the slides and was much too interested in the other kids to want to do anything else. We got home and she fought sleep for 2 hours. Then we did our normal night routine and she was down at 8:45. Hopefully tomorrow we'll have a more entertaining day!


  1. I do think the babies get bored when they stay in all day! Tomorrow will be better, we'll see you bright and early for brunch!

    I need to go to the mall too, if you wanna come...