Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hello Sugar

I made it!! My 100 day 15 g a day sugar challenge kicked me in the tushy, but luckily I changed some things and made it! 

Biggest impact: I lost 13 pounds!! Granted, I dropped most of the weight in the first month, but I didn't gain it back. This has been great. Now I need to exercise on top of keeping the sugar low and hopefully the results will be even better! I'd love to hear some exercise tips in this heat! I haven't felt like doing anything!

But back to the changes...

For starters my taste buds have completely changed!! I tasted sweet tea today and could barely drink it! Speaking of teas... I have never liked herbal teas. I have some Earth Mama Angel Baby teas around the house and thought I'd have a cup of the Organic Monthly Comfort Tea to help ease some cramps, and I loved it! Now, I tried the same tea last year and it wasn't my thing. So I then tried the Organic Peaceful Mama Tea and it was wonderful! Might I say, I added no sugar or even honey and they were delicious. I was stoked that I can now switch to caffeine free teas when I'm ready to kick that from my diet... because it's coming soon.

Another thing that has changed is how I view food. I want to eat healthier because of this. I am label reading even crazier than before. I've found all sorts of nasty ingredients hiding in things- especially MSG. I think it's trying to make a come back, so beware.

I have loved our weekly fruit pops and will continue to do these for our deserts. They are 100% fruit, smashed, frozen, and sometimes mixed with plain yogurt.

So on my 101 day to celebrate I had to make this:
I didn't even count the sugar... If you want the recipe for the Organic Banana Pudding, check out my Tumblr page! I try and post recipes for pops or other goodies on there. Or you can follow me on Pinterest where I post them as well. If you need a invite, email me.

I was asked a lot if I'd go back to sugar once this was over, and honestly I doubt it. I think I will as a treat every now and then, but I've really enjoyed learning other flavors. I feel healthier and hope to continue this journey.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week!


  1. Congrats. That's a big accomplishment. I remember when I first stopped using salt (nowhere near as hard as cutting down sugar) and everything tasted so bland... my husband complained non-stop.. but nowadays (many yrs later) everything is so salty to us and I always check the sodium content in things.. way too much lurking around. As far as that MSG I agree! I have been seeing it everywhere. It's pretty disappointing when you find it in something you love to eat.

    Anyway! congrats again.. you have some super willpower!