Monday, February 8, 2010

Livie & Luca Review

Can you believe Spring will be here in 6 weeks? It seems like Winter just began! Ella is growing out of everything, so I guess it is a welcomed change so I don't have to buy 2 whole new wardrobes. Luckily clothing and shoe companies have their Spring lines already online and from what I've seen, 2010 has some awesome new products.

Ella was sent a pair of new Eco-friendly Magenta Petal Livie & Luca shoes that are adorable! They are soft and flexible yet still give the perfect amount of support. I love that the Petal shoes are versatile and can be worn as dress or play time shoes. I can't wait for warmer weather so Ella can run around in them. They have a Velcro strap that is easy for preschoolers to learn how to use. Ella has mastered putting them on. The best part is that they are Eco-friendly and beyond adorable!

Livie & Luca began when 3 mothers discovered a need for funky modern shoes. Their shoes are handmade with high quality recycled leather and non-toxic glue. Each collection is limited edition and sell out quickly, so be sure to check them out now if your kiddo is in need of Spring shoes. They come in American sizes 4-13 and have a print out so you can make sure you choose the correct size.

Another amazing thing about Livie & Luca is that they participate in Shoe-Reuse program that donates your used shoes to children living in poverty. Livie & Luca will send you a free shipping coupon for every pair of shoes that you donate. Livie & Luca also donates 10% of their online sales to charity through their Sharing is Caring program.

Discount: Livie & Luca would like to offer you free shipping by entering freeshipping in the coupon section.

Would you like 4 extra entries to any giveaway going on? Go to Livie & Luca and sign up for their newsletter and comment here. Then leave the comment "L&L" under the giveaways you enter.


  1. I have been buying them for 4 seasons now for my, now 4 year old and I LOVE them! I try to exclusively but Livie and Luca for her. She seems so much more omfortable in them than stride rite and so many of the other kid brands out there. I highly recommend them. The customer service is amazing also! A+++

  2. The shoes are so cute. I "think" I signed up for them, it sent me to an email letter form. So it might be with my 22eagles........ addy.

  3. P. S. I can't wait for my, as yet, unborn great granddaughter, Shayda, to have a foot big enough to wear these beauties.