Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Help send Diane MacEachern To Copenhagen!

Diane MacEachern needs your vote to help her go to Copenhagen. Diane MacEachern is a green mom, blogger, environmental activist and best selling author of the book Big Green Purse. ( She is also a finalist in the Huffington Post's contest ( to send one person to Copenhagen to represent all of us "real people."

For more information about Diane, take a look at the following links: changes-do- make-difference/

To vote for Diane:

1) Please visit this link: http://www.huffingt 2009/11/19/ hopenhagen- ambassador- con_n_363672. html?slidenumber =QCjRGmul2Ak% 3D
2) You will need to login to the Huffington Post web site or register if you are not already a member. You can also login using your Twitter or Facebook account.
3) Please rate Diane's entry with 10 stars.
Note: Diane is wearing a red shirt.

FACEBOOK? If you have a Facebook page or fan page, let people know about Diane and how they can help send her to Copenhagen by voting for her. Be sure to include this link- http://www.huffingt 2009/11/19/ hopenhagen- ambassador- con_n_363672. html?slidenumber =QCjRGmul2Ak% 3D

TWITTER? If you're on twitter, I would appreciate it if you tweet about the contest using #votehope and @huffpostgreen.

Voting ends in just two short days, on December 4, so Diane needs as much support from you, your friends and your readers right now as possible. Please help us send this deserving green mom to Copenhagen by voting now and spreading the word!

If you vote for Diane you can get 2 extra entries to ANY giveaway going on! Just leave a comment saying "Diane" in whichever giveaway you'd like. :)

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