Sunday, October 4, 2009

Homeschool Your Preschooler Week!!

Tomorrow starts the Homeschool your Preschooler Week!!! Since I don't work and am a single mom, I have no money to send Ella to preschool. All of her friends are going this year, so I thought, why not teach her myself? I've come up with some awesome ideas that you can do at home- during the week or on weekends. Plus I'm going to tell you about some fabulous companies that sell Eco-friendly educational products and you will get the chance to win some awesome stuff!!


  1. I've been thinking about homeschooling my little one, so I'm excited to learn about your findings :)

  2. Although I send my children to grade school, I do homeschool my preschoolers. I just think that children in Kindergarten are so young to have to go to school, preschoolers are just babies and I hate to see them being sent off to school. So we do workbooks and flashcards and games etc at home so that they are learning and getting the skills others in the preschools are getting. Its worked fantastic for us

  3. I'm excited about this, I want to homeschool my little one - between not working like you and not being able to afford it and this swine flue going 'round. Can't wait to hear more - hope some of the giveaways are good for organizing time/lessons.

  4. This is something that would be mind-opening and educational. I've added the button to the right hand side of my blog.

  5. I was a SAHM with my now 7yo daughter. When she turned 4 I decided to get her ready for school the next year. When I put her in public K the next year she was so far ahead of all the other children that I decided to continue homeschooling her. She went to public school for 3 weeks before I pulled her out. I found a parent-partnered school through our local school district. It is the PERFECT solution for us. She goes to school for 1.5 days and I homeschool the rest of the time.
    I am now homepreschooling my 3yo daughter. And again it's going much better then I ever thought it would.
    I look forward to hearing what ideas you have.