Monday, September 21, 2009

What You Love About Fall

Fall is here tomorrow!! I'm so excited and ready for the change. :) I'm interested to know what you like or dislike about Fall. Here is what I like:

1. The colors! Nothing makes me happier than orange, red, brown and yellow everywhere.
2. The weather. I love 60-70 degree weather and driving around with the windows down.
3. The harvest. I love to go apple and pumpkin picking.
4. The food. I love pumpkin seeds, beer cheese soup, pumpkin breads, pumpkin pie and apples in everything. (Now I'm in the mood for pumpkin seeds)
5. The scents. There is nothing better than pumpkin permeating the house.
6. Halloween. OK, I know it's the least Eco-friendly holiday, but I love dressing up and participating in the holiday fun. Not to mention haunted houses.
7. Scary movie fests. Nothing gets me in the mood like watching scary movies back to back.
8. Fall festivals. Charlotte has tons of festivals in the Fall and I enjoy seeing all of the local artists.
9. Going to the mountains. I love driving through the mountains to truly witness the beauty of the season change. Hopefully this year we'll be able to make it!
10. Playing in the leaves. I'm a big kid and love jumping in a pile of leaves.

Now it's your turn. Remember you can get extra entries for leaving comments on non-posts. :)

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