Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall Mode

Before I start my reviews and giveaways for the night I just have to say I LOVE FALL!! Sorry, but I'm sitting in my living room inhaling the sweet aroma's of Pumpkin Spice and viewing all of my Fall decor thatI couldn't help but put out today. I know it's a week and a half early, but I'm sooo feeling it this year. I've already made pumpkin muffins this week and am dying to go pumpkin picking.

Starting September 22, the first day of Fall, I will be doing a Fall week with tons of awesome reviews and giveaways... so stay tuned!

Does anyone else have the Fall itch?


  1. You've inspired me to start pulling out the fall scented candles even if it is still 100 degrees here in Southern California. I love Fall!