Wednesday, June 11, 2008

feeling funky

So I just heard from my dad for the first time since we've been back from FL. He then proceeded to tell me about how broke he is and blah blah blah and didn't once ask how my trip was or what was going on. Like I was calling just for money?? That really hurt! I mean it's not about the money. But my birthday was over 2 months ago! Why can't he treat me like his daughter instead of one of his whores?

With that being said... we went to gym class this morning then came home for lunch. Ella took a 2 hour nap! I don't know what's going on with her sleep habits, but it's kind of nice. Wicket has been under my bed all day and not going outside. I got him out once then put a baby gate at the top of the stairs. Somehow he jumped it and then pooped right by it. I'm ready for mom to be home!!!

So Judi came down to visit today. Woody couldn't make it, so Judi offered to watch Ella while I got out of the house. So I decided to go see Sex in the City by myself. Which is a big deal that I actually went to see a movie by myself! I think I've pretty much overcome my fear of being in public alone and am comfortable with it. However, I cried most of the movie. I wasn't expecting some of the twists and it was hard because of thoughts of Matt. It's been a hard Matt week since his b-day is Friday and I can't stop thinking about him. When will this ever end???

But it was nice to get out and relive my Sex in the City days. I don't want to say more and end up ruining it for the ones who haven't seen it. Judi left after I got home and Ella went to bed shortly after. Maybe I'll get lucky and she'll sleep in her bed 2 nights in a row! I'm so tired of being in a funk.


  1. Haha, looks like she won't be in her bed tonight! Hopefully she sleeps well in mine ;)