Monday, June 16, 2008

Break down

So I'm posting my inventory of the week and why I'm about to have a melt down:
1) Wickett is neurotic- almost attacked me 3 times- it's time for him to go
2) dogs pooping everywhere and not going outside- house smells
3) dogs not eating but once a day- except the time Wickett ate my bag of chocolate cookies
4) Power went off for almost 24 hours
5) Ella diarrhea 12 days- not eating much
6) No results back from Ella's tests- could take 2 more days
7) Sink backed up and can't run dishwasher- all of Ella's plates and cups are dirty
8) no bill money from dad
9) insurance didn't change my rate yet, so owe $422 as of yesterday
10) beeping noise coming from fire alarm and no battery to take out to turn off- constant noise driving me insane
11) burglar alarm broken and they still haven't called back to schedule a time to fix
12) spiders, wasps, moths, roaches in house
13) Haven't spoken to Rachael in 5 days- some friend
14) Ella's bum is raw and every time I change her she tells me I'm not nice
So I think that is it, I could be leaving something out. All leading up to me breaking down and losing my freakin mind. I need my mom!!!


  1. Seriously, just come here. Put the dogs in the room with the litter box, they're pooping in the house anyway right? We'll have a scrap sleepover!