Monday, February 4, 2008

back to work

So I haven't worked a night in over a year! And I'm working 3 nights in a row! I'm beat. We had a photoshoot at a cheerleading center for extreme cheer. Which, I have to admit, I liked. They actually did cool flips and jumps and weren't shaking their butts. :) The owner talked to me before we took the pictures and she had a strict rule, no bellies showing and no bloomers showing. So, if Ella wants to be an extreme cheerleader, I can deal with that. I had a lot of fun posing the girls. Chris took the pictures because he didn't want to "get sued for touching the girls as he posed them." LOL It wore my butt out getting on and off the floor for 5 hours, but it was better than the sports photo's. Ella had a good day. She was happy for mom and in good spirits when I got home. So I think she'll do well the next 2 nights. Well, I'm going to bed! We have a busy day before I go to work tomorrow!

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