Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy late New Year

Well, it's been a busy weekend. (Last weekend, I'm so behind!) We painted my room, my bathroom, Ella's bathroom and started her bedroom. Every room still has little touches that need to be completed, but we've accomplished a lot! I'll post pics once I've completed the little things. We stayed at home for New Years. I woke Ella up at 11:55 so she could bring the new year in with us and watch the ball drop.I plan on doing that every year. I remember staying up when I was little, drinking sparkling grape juice and it was so much fun. She went right back to sleep, so it didn't upset her. She took her first steps on the 31st! She's only taken a few steps since. I think it'll be like crawling. She knows she can do it, but will on her own time. Tues. Rachael and I went to AC Moore and I went on a scrapping spending spree! Thank you Judi and Woody!!!! I has in heaven! Here are a few of the layouts I did.
We went to Gymboree on Wed. even though I was tired beyond belief! I put Ella in her crib for the first time, (Sat.) since she was 4 months and she slept until 4 and got in bed with me. Then the next day (Sunday) we started painting her room. Which I didn't want her sleeping in due to the fumes. So she was back in bed with me. We painted all day Monday and Tues. we went shopping most of the day while mom painted her room some more. So she hadn't slept on the couch (to her a second bed) in 5 days which had to mess up her schedule. When I got home from shopping Tues. all I wanted to do was scrap, so I put her to bed and started playing. Before I went to bed I started making wallpaper light covers and Ella woke up. This was at 12:30. She stayed up screaming until 3:30 then woke up at 8. I'm guessing it was from being upstairs so much and not in her den or it's the 4 teeth coming in. So we went to Gymboree just to get her out of the house and she was a brat. She kept picking her nose and I was telling her no, about 5 times later I popped her hand, 5 more times and several more poppings, I just held her hand down and walked to Sarah-our teacher. Sarah asked Ella if she wanted to blow bubbles and Ella went, "NOo!" Everyone started laughing. Yes, it is very cute the way she says no, but it has gotten very old by now. She says no to everything! I thought that wasn't supposed to happen until they were 2. Well, we played kick ball and Ella was one of the only ones who actually kicked the ball by herself. She's going to be a soccer player! We came home and she took a nap while I scrapped. Then I took down the xmas tree. NOT FUN!!! Thurs. I cleaned all day and got the rest of the X-mas stuff down. Ella was happy because she was in her space again. Then Friday we had a crazy day of shopping. I had to go to the post office and mail some stuff, go to the bank, Target- check out the valentines day stuff!, the mall to have her birthday stuff embroidered, to Michael's because I forgot somthing I needed for scrapping, then to the pet store to buy a new fish tank for Ella's b-day present. I could have cleaned the old one, but it was worth the $50 not to. I'm not throwing it out and maybe in the summer I can clean it out and put a tank upstairs. I'd love to have a brackish tank full of puffers! But this one is for Ella. When I turned the lights on to the tank Ella went nuts and kept saying, "fish fish fish see see see fish!" She looked all over for a fish. So, instead of waiting for her birthday to go get them I'm getting 3 fish on Wed. and 3 more each 3 days till her b-day. That's what the pet guy said would be best. Still not sure what we are getting. But it depends on the prices and what pet store I go to each time. I got all of Ella's birthday stuff!!! It is soooo cute! I'm very happy. I've picked up a few other things while I've been out. I just need 2 more placemats, streamers, napkins and balloons. Plus the food and stuff. I can't wait till everyone see's her outfit. You know me, I got 2. One for before the cake and one for after. I know, I'm crazy. Well, I'm beat and hope I've caught up on everything. I'll try to blog more often this week. But I really haven't had the time to complete this one!


  1. Sheesh, you have been busy! You really should upload your layouts to the Crop Addict gallery, they are really awesome!